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Balance Sheet

Balance Sheet Just a snapshot Used to analyse debt and working capital Beware of ‘off balance sheet’ items Sum up 1. A financial snapshot at a point in time The balance sheet is a statement of a company’s assets and liabilities as determined by accounting rules. The balance sheet is a snapshot at a defined point in time and is ... Read More »

Measuring Cash Flows

Measuring Cash Flows The common measure of EBITDA is only an approximate of cash flow EBITDA does not pay interest or principal, cash does A focus solely on EBITDA is a divorce from reality Analysis of costs can disclose important operating issues Sum up   1. EBITDA is only a benchmark Stating the obvious, as a bond investor you want ... Read More »

Revenus Recognition

Buy-side and sell-side analysts are seldom given the same level of disclosure as are the company's auditors and must make investment decisions based on published financials. The level of disclosure provided to investors can sometimes make it very difficult to identify accounting improprieties or fraud with any certainty, thus leaving the investment community vulnerable to revelations of improper accounting. Despite these limitations on assessing the adequacy of financial statements, we do provide a few techniques to help locate potential problem areas before it is too late. Read More »

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